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Seek Connection

When talking to connect, if we aren’t both excited about this topic then seek another more exciting topic. Find what we are both excited about to easily connect and share.

Celebrate & Reward

Whenever and wherever you find improvement, progress, victories, or success no matter how great nor how small then recognize them and their accomplishment - comment, compliment, praise, cheerlead, celebrate and reward. Seek to understand the whys and hows by asking questions.

Guide For Friendship

Others are guided by people they like and who they feel loved and understood by. Smile, remember and speak their names (family and friends), listen to them, think about what they want, always go for win-win. Never belittle, criticize, correct, nor even add missing details. Rather work at understanding and appreciating their perspective. How and why they think, feel and act as they do - especially if it strikes you as misguided!

from: The Secret Book to Win Friends and Influence People The School of Life https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jo0xX8JuPeI

Connect Share Lead:

HAIL - greet or acclaim enthusiastically

Honesty - be true clear straight
Authenticity - be your best self
Integrity - be your word to build trust
Love - wish them well
Voice - use your voice qualities to always express warmth and compassion. A warm voice tone has 4 times the impact of the actual words used!

Match and Mirror Them

Mirror their body’s positions and movements, their word choices and cadence, and their thoughts and thinking patterns to gain their subsconscious acceptance and rapport for higher status with more credibility and influence. Be like them or like who they’d like to be!

Use The Conscious Language of Leadership

Use Conversational Language

 Use more inclusive conversational words (avoid using distancing formal language)

Tell Your Story - to connect, to touch their hearts, to expand their minds,

 Present Yourself Confidently - your voice, posture, and bearing, for “this is a person like me that I want to put my faith and trust in”  Who are you?  What do you have?  Why should I care?

from: 5 Ways to Improve your COMMUNICATION Skills - #BelieveLife Evan Carmichael https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xr1q-uBtIH4&t=1s

6th Sense

6th Senses and inklings are to be single mindedly, gently pursued, and coaxed until they are firmly grasped and documented. Then thoughtfully and decisively considered and acted upon - especially if safety or financial risks are involved.

Analyze Daily

Assess today’s calendaring, alerting, planning, scheduling, and reviewing. What’s working well (increase), what’s not working well (changes?). Review all encounters for your sense of the others’ experience? Did you build rapport (How so? How Not So?). Did they feel accepted, appreciated, and valued?

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