My wife and son for their love and support along with my siblings and extended family.
My parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, and other ancestors for whom I’m eternally grateful.
My dearly beloved and departed family, friends, and kindred spirits.
My instructors, teachers, coaches, ministers, and leaders for their guidance.
My neighborhood friends and playmates throughout the years.
My classmates: elementary, middle school, high school (class of 1966), and college (class of 1978).
My service mates: USAF (1968-1972)
My fellow group participants - at work, play, and recreation: disc golf, dominoes, learning and exercise classes, personal transformation meetings, church gatherings, and elsewhere.
My friends and cohorts for their steadfast comradery.


Authors and Artists for their books, videos, websites, blogs, and media content.
Free Open Source Software FOSS authors - in particular: Linux Debian OS, Hugo static site generator, and nginx server software.
DALL-E and Bing for the seasonal background images.
ChatGPT and Bard for some ideas and technical help.

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