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This public website gives the author’s seasonal self-improvement practice. This site can be found at the web address https://myseasonalcommandments.com. The author created his site in a few months and then placed it on the internet on May 25, 2023. He used the Hugo static site generator with his own developed theme (see web-link→HUGO The world’s fastest framework for building websites). The author is a computer hobbyist so this website and his downloadable html files lack professionalism.

The site author started doing seasonal commandments after thinking about how little time they have left and how much they’d like to get done. Annually, the author has always enjoyed making positive behavior changes with new years’ resolutions. The new years’ resolutions are simple ones that he successfully accomplishes (e.g. stop using cash and begin using a credit card for gas purchases beginning January 1, 1987). One day he suddenly realized that if he did seasonal “resolutions” or commandments he’d be making beneficial changes four times a year!

Currently this site gives his personal seasonal commandments since starting them in the winter of 2022-21.

My Seasonal Commandments

My Seasonal Commandments is an ongoing practice that he does for improvements. This daily practice helps to keep his mind sharp while gaining better ways to create a more fulfilling and happier life.

Every meteorological season he focuses on summarizing a new handful of improvement topics. The topics come from self-improvement media that he runs across or that come to mind where he sees potential benefits. He concisely writes up his main takeaway points from the referenced media (videos, books, articles, blogs, ChatGPT queries, etc.). The author does not explain the benefits of a particular topic and its meaningfulness. Each person has their own values and what they find most meaningful and purposeful. For example, in the author’s case he finds it valuable to get along with everyone including “difficult” bosses and employers. Building better rapport and relationship skills makes getting along with people much easier.

His practice is to take the first half hour of the day and go over the seasonal topic items. Usually, in about 20 days of active recall practice he has memorize the topic item words verbatim. As he recalls the items from memory, he will occasionally reword his summary so it fits his own thoughts and experiences.

Throughout the day he will use his commandments to intentionally modify his behaviors. After three months he repeats this process with a new set of seasonal topic items.

He started this practice in the Winter of 2022-21 and expects to continue it for the foreseeable future.

The author has included related self-improvement content files that he created (they are available as downloadable files at →Downloads ):

Additionally, there is a yearly calendar template for 2024 that can be copied or downloaded (see Downloads in the footer below).

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