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WOOP Method

  1. Wish - consider and think about a specific wish that’s achievable and by when
  2. Outcome - imagine experiencing the desirable outcomes from achieving your wish
  3. Obstacle - imagine your personal obstacles such as thoughts, feelings, words, and actions that need to be overcome to get your wish
  4. Plan - make and use an if - then plan with new strategic behaviors that you will need to overcome your obstacles

from: Rethinking Positive Thinking: The WooP Method Unveiled with Gabriele Oettingen via MindHack Podcast
WOOP website:

Learning Techniques

  1. Aim High - learn smarter by aiming to do what your favorite world class learning expert Justin Sung would do
  2. Cram to Prime - cram to prime your mind with the topic’s big picture, a broad overview framework of the topic. Discover key fundamental connections and relationships first so subsequent topic learnings will have relevance making memory encoding much easier.
  3. Consolidate As You Learn - as you first learn new topic material consolidate the relationships and connetions by chunking together the topic complexity, depth, and detail to fill in your overview framework
  4. Stay Attentive & Active - work hard at attending to listening/reading/studying using the best active learning techniques. Ask why, how come, what about this, what about that questions to connect, relate and chunk together information to fill in your topic’s big picture
  5. Revise Today - before bedtime review and revise today’s learning to use your mind’s sleep dependent memory consolidation
  6. Revise Optimally - optimally organize and relate the topic’s detailed connections and relationships visually to create a big picture mind map of your dynamic mental thinking
  7. Revise Pre-test - challenge your weakest understandings using active recall, analogies, mnemonics and chunking, teaching others, doodles and diagrams, mind maps and concept maps, …
  8. Use Resources - wisely use topic experts by first forming your own topic framework before discussing it with the experts

from: 5 Techniques of Every Successful Student by Justin Sung
from: How I Ranked 1st at Monash University: 4-step Framework by Justin Sung

7 Relationship Skills

  1. Notice Bids - notice and turn towards bids for attention by giving your attention, your affection, and your support
  2. Quiz Frequently - maintain curiosity by quizzing frequently with big open-ended why, how come, what about this, and what about that questions
  3. Express Gratitude - notice positives and express sincere thanks more often while also avoiding the four relationship killers of: criticism, contempt, defensiveness, and stonewalling
  4. Give Admiration - give admiration more often through frequent, real, genuine compliments and sincere, repeated praise
  5. Over-Communicate - frequently communicate how you feel & what you need using Marshall Rosenberg’s Non-Violent Communications
  6. Touch & Hug - frequently touch and share intimacies to maintain and enhance both a strong sense of connection and a mutual feeling of safety
  7. Do Together Activities - establish connection ritual activities that bring more togetherness, more closeness, and more fun to the relationship

from: 7 Daily Habits that Improved My Relationship by Ali Abdaal from the book: The Love Prescription: Seven Days to More Intimacy, Connection, and Joy (The Seven Days Series) by Dr. Julie and John Gottman

Improv Skills

  1. Always Agree - always agrees with other’s thoughts and words to facilitate continued dialogue and to make progress easier
  2. Yes And… - use “Yes And…” words and actions for related beneficial extensions to the current situation
  3. Aim To Be Truthful - aim to always express yourself truthfully for more significance, for more meaningful experiences and for more memorable knowledge
  4. There Are No Mistakes - accept whatever happened including mistakes and go forward by deliberately choosing to proactively pursue related positive thoughts and passions
  5. Risk And Commit - take risks by doing your boldest choices and fully committing to them

from: Can improv help you reach your goals? by Darrion Nguyen

Be Happier

  1. Change Miswanting - change to wanting stuff that actually makes you happier and create habits to support desires that bring you joy
  2. Connect Socially - connect socially more often with others in real life,in real time. Connect with someone today and plan to connect tomorrow
  3. Be Other-Oriented - give others more compliments, more time, and do more nice things for them
  4. Focus On The Blessings - pay attention to the positives in your life and savor your pleasantries
  5. Move Physically - move and exercise to enhance your physical, mental, and emotional vitality

from: How to be happier in 5 steps with zero weird tricks by Dr. Laurie Santos

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