⬅️  My Winter Commandments 2022-21

Thanks For This

Say “Thanks for this sustenance of ___.” A ritual where I pause as any new food or fluid is eaten or drank. As the food or fluid approaches my mouth during the first bite or sip I momentarily pause the approach motion to say “Thanks for this sustenance of (water, coffee, tea, apple, orange, bread, hummus, blueberry, …). Then once starting to eat or drink I add some additional details about the sustenance. This habit helps me focus on living in the present moment and being grateful for my easy access to life sustaining water and food.

Make frequent trips to the local charity to donate household items and clothing.


Consistently act towards goals while also taking actions to stop doing wasteful distractions. Consider substituting a more meaningful and purposeful action for lesser daily distractions. Also take actions in preparing skills and skill sets to fulfill my most meaningful desires.


Practice clearing, cleaning, sorting, and finally organizing throughout your daily tasks. It is a more beneficial mode of daily living that actively removes distractions while enhancing the quality of my surroundings.

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