⬅️  My Spring Commandments 2022 ➡️  


Look at people’s faces and bodies to closely observe and assess their behaviors. In encounters guide, reinforce, change, and make desirable bonds and behaviors for healthy, beneficial, meaningful relationships and interactions.


“LABOR” is my habit cue word for getting out of bed. I use it in the phrase “Ye shall be known by the fruits of your LABOR!” I say this phrase after my morning phrase of “Let’s have fun, be creative and be meaningfully purposefully productive today!”


Change my hydration habits and routines so I drink only 4 oz. at a time (about 5 sips of fluid) in any given time throughout the day.

Anxiety to Excited

Reframe any anxiety as excitement so my mindset more easily sees an adventure with positive possibilities rather than worry and apprehension.

Good Luck

“My middle name is Luck, my first name is Good and my last name is Followthrufor! You will find me listed in most directories under the letter F as: Followthrufor Good Luck!” as a reminder that actions and followthru are the paths to getting positive results.

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